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Software copyright


Required documents for software copyright registration

The required documents for software copyright registration shall include: Application form,  Software copyright identification materials, Identification certificates of the applicant and the relevant certifying documents.


1)  Application form

The copy of the application form as filled online should be submitted, which can not be copied and changed.


2) Software( program, document)identification materials

General deposit: 30 consecutive pages in the beginning and at the end of the source code and documents should be submitted; if less than 60 pages are included in the source code and the documents, all shall be submitted.

Exception deposit: please follow Article 12 of “Measures on Computer Software Copyright Registration Procedures”

Note: if the name and version number of the software are tagged in the header of the source program and documents, the name and the version number should be consistent with the application form;   the upper right corner of each page should be paginated; there are more than 50 lines each page in the source programs; the last page should be the end of the programs;  There are more than 30 each page in the documents, except for graph.


3) Identification certificates of the applicant and the relevant certifying documents.

Identification certificates of the applicant and the relevant certifying documents consist of the applicant and the agent’s identification documents of the applicant and the agent, documents and other rights of ownership.




Works copyright registration

1) Required documents

(1) Application form;

(2) Identification document of the applicant;

(3) Rights of ownership certification;

(4) Sample works(paper medium or electronic media as the works sample may be provided)

(5) Works description, in which the creation intention, the creative process and originality should be included with the signature of the author;

(6) Power of attorney;

(7) Identification document of the agent.


2) Time limit  

 Usually it takes thirty(30) working days as of the filing date to obtain the certificate; but within one-two working days the certificate may be obtained suppose the additional fees will be paid.


Contract registration for publishing foreign audio products, foreign film and television works

Required documents:

1) Application form;

2) Authorization contracts:

(1)The original contract should be provided;

(2)The names and address of both parties, the names of the works, names of the copyright owners and the related, names of the director and the performers, issuing quantities, the scope of publication and the authorized period etc. should be included in the contracts;

(3)The articles on the payment and on obtaining the authorization of word and song writers should be included in the contracts for the phonograms.

3) For the works to be certified by the overseas certification organs( International Federation of the Phonographic Industry(IFPI), Hong Kong Motion Picture Industry Association(MPIA), Motion Picture Association of America(MPAA)) as appointed by State Copyright Bureau of China, the right certificates of the works as issued the overseas certification organs are required;

4) A series of copyright certification and authorization from the original authors to the publishing unities are required.