Yuqing Lang

Principal/Head of Patent Department



Patent Attorney

Trademark Attorney

Master of Law Degree(LLM)



Yuqing is the head of  Patent Department of LEXGOAL. Yuqing and his team have provided the clients abroad with unparalleled services. Yuqing has engaged in IP legal services in China since 1997, who started his IP professional career in CCPIT PATENT AND TRADEMARK LAW OFFICE, the oldest IP law office in China. He focuses on and specializes in all kinds of legal affairs related to the field of intellectual property including the confirmation of IP rights,  licensing, transfer, customs cases, investigation of infringement, litigation and arbitration, contract drafting and review etc..



Zhihua Zhao

Pincipal/Head of Data Center


Trademark Attorney

Bachelor of Law



LEXGOAL established the IP Data Center in 2017, which is headed by Zhihua. The task of the Data Center is to manage the date of all kinds of IP and to remind the deadline of patent annuity, trademark renewal, and possible IP infringement, etc..  Zhihua graduated from Hebei Occupation Colleage and then joined in LEXGOAL in 2013 and then in 2015 graduated from University of International Relations, obtaining the law degree. She and her team are responsible for IP management and IP data.  

Lily is the head of Trademark Department of LEXGOAL. Lily and her team  are  highly seasoned and well experienced in trademark and copyright cases, which makes the team become kind partners in client’s business, always helping the clients discover their true potential value for brands. Lily has joined in LEXGOAL since 2005 and has accumulated considerable experience in handling all kinds of trademark and copyright matters which is the immense value to clients.


Lily Lee

Pincipal/Head of Trademark and Copyright Department


Trademark attorney

Copyright attorney

Master of Law




Jack graduated from Asian City University and obtained the master degree, majoring in architectural acoustics.  In 2010, he has founded  Vienna Acoustics Technology and completed a large number projects on theaters, gymnasiums, commercial real estate, and government projects. He has profound knowledge and experiences on acoustics, which may be proved by his amounts of Chinese granted patents.  As a lecturer, Jack used to attend the training and forums to give the professional lectures, as organized by Tsinghua University, China Building Decoration Association and Beijing Acoustics Society.


Jack Lang

Consultant / Acoustic Engineer