Lezhong Zhang

Partner/Director of Patent Department



Patent Attorney

Judicial Appraiser


Lezhong is one of the earliest senior patent attorneys engaged in patent services in China. Before he worked as the patent attorney, he has served successively in Shanxi Provincial Institute of Science as information researcher ; Shanxi Patent Service Center as the head of the patent department; Shanxi Huaju Law Firm as full-time lawyer and practicing patent attorney . Lezhong is also the practicing judicial appraisers of Beijing Zitu Intellectual Property Appraisal Center. Attorney Zhang has participated in the topic of "Technology Policy in 12 Key Fields of China”, which won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award and was jointly commended by the National Science and Technology Commission, the Economic Commission and the Construction Committee. Among them, he directly undertook the "Transportation Technology Policy" research report, some of which is partly excerpted in the Science and Technology Blue Book of the State Council. In the year of 2016, he was named as an expert of the Expert Advisory Committee of Intellectual Property Case Guidance Research (Beijing) Base of the Supreme People's Court .


Social Duties:

2005- Member of the Intellectual Property Committee of Shanxi Lawyers Association;

2012- Consultant of the Intellectual Property Committee of Shanxi Lawyers Association;

2014-- Member of the Expert Committee of Shanxi Intellectual Property Service Alliance.


Publications :

"China Patent Agency" (1996 Issue 2): --- "Thoughts on Patent Implementation Rate"

Dozens of papers on provincial forums such as "Shanxi Lawyer" and "Shanxi Science and Technology", such as:

"Transfer of Patent Application Right",

"Reexamination of a Patent Infringement Dispute",

"Regarding Active Amendment of Legal Provisions of Application Documents During Patent Examination"

"Intellectual Property Legal Services in the Comprehensive Reform Experiment",

 "The Concept of Enterprise Intellectual Property Management", "Revision of the U.S. Patent Law",

"Intellectual Property Full of Nostalgia--Geographical Indications", etc.


Work Language:

English,  Chinese